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Welcome to Howe Bridge

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The Howe Bridge Community Group (The Bridgers) was formed in 1998 by a few local residents, Licensee of the Oak Tree Root Public House and our local Councillors, we have a Constitution, Mission Statement, List of Aims & Objectives an Equal Opportunities Policy, Child Protection Policy, Health & Safety Policy Public Liability Insurance and a Membership that is open to everyone within our village boundaries and Constitutional area.

We have a set of rules and a bank account and we produce a monthly newsletter called 'THE BRIDGER'. This is distributed to every household, 1200, in the village of Howe Bridge plus some of the satellite areas, we have monthly meetings and an AGM every year during which we elect officials for the forthcoming year. During the past year we have extended the Bridger boundary to include the area from the Punch Bowl / Wigan Road down to Howe Bridge, also, the lower half of Hamilton Street. You can see copies of 'The Bridger' by clicking on the 'Newsletters' link on the left. 

 Please see our partners/supporters page and see who is actively helping and supporting us in our efforts to make the most of our community. 

For accessability reasons you can change the size of the text on these pages to suit your own preference. In the top right of the pages in the green banner there are three letter A's. The one on the left increases the text size each time you click on it (up to three clicks). The one on the right decreases the text size in the same way. The one in the middle returns the text to its default size.

The Bridgers are fully committed to helping to improve the environment in and around Howe Bridge. Our main aims are the promotion and improvement of the area and the welfare of it's residents. Everything we do in these pursuits is carried out by volunteers and is funded by contributions and donations. Indeed this website is paid for and maintained by voluntary work and funding. If you feel that you would like to help us to maintain our efforts then please consider making a donation by clicking on the Donate Button. ANY amount would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much.


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Britain in Bloom Summary

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Hi, What a fantastic day we had yesterday, (Monday) my impression of the judging is very positive, not sure what prize we will get in Bristol but that will be secondary to the pride I felt during the judging tour showing off everything that the group has achieved. Everyone involved should take a lot of credit and pride in how beautiful Howe Bridge looks and the terrific atmosphere that can be felt in and around the

Last Updated on Sunday, 10 August 2014 11:42

Audio video links

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We are hoping to add more functionality to the QR Heritage Trail sites by adding audio and possibly video in order to give those people who are partially sighted better access to all the information that the Trail provides. This is very much a "work in progress" at the moment so watch this space for further updates.

*** Update: We have now installed audio on eighteen of the trail web pages. These audio files were created by local students who are now working on creating the rest of the audio files as a project. I have attached the audio files they made for us to digital slideshows and placed links on each of the trail site pages so that you can have information for each location on the trail read to you! This will make the Heritage Trail more accessible to those with sight imapairment.

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QR Heritage Trail Launched.


Tuesday July 24th 2012 - The Village QR Heritage Trail was officially launched . . .

  . . . and all twenty seven sites have their respective QR codes in place and working well. With a smart phone and a free QR scanning App you are now able to access information about each of the sites that you visit.

However, you don't need to own a smart phone to access all this information

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Local history snippet

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Battle of Howe Bridge

This is a snippet from the Local History page, the page has a link in the main menu on the left of this page so check it out while your on our site.

In 1881 about 50,000 miners in the Lancashire coalfield went on strike, find out why and read all about the resulting "Battle of Howe Bridge", you will find the story starting at page eight on the document that you can see by clicking HERE.

 Another fascinating insight into the lives of the characters that inhabited Howe Bridge can be found in a book by the late Arthur Griffiths. In paricular the section headed "Up Loners and Down Loners" provides interesting details of the people working and living in Howe Bridge in the late 19th century. You can read his observations and memories by going to Memories of an Atherton Pitman.

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Huge Investment

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Multi-Million pound investment for Howe Bridge

As part of Wigan Council's new Deal for Leisure, a £2.9 million pound project is set to transform Howe Bridge Sports Centre into a modern, vibrant, family-focused facility.

Last Updated on Sunday, 10 August 2014 01:06

2013 North West In Bloom

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Winners all round! 

The Bridgers won the GOLD Award in the “ Urban Communities “ Category and also won the trophy for category winner. Shevington In Bloom won the GOLD Award for the “ Best Town “ category and also won the Shield as category winner. Wigan MBC won the GOLD in the “ Best Metropolitan Borough “ category and also won the trophy as Category winner. Shevington won the award for the “ Best Portfolio “ Mesnes Park won the award for the “ Best Heritage Area “ Standish in Bloom won SILVER GILT in the “ Large Town “ category. See Story

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Next meeting

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Don't miss our meetings

8 p.m. at the Scout HQ Leigh Road

the first Thursday in the month


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